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The only issue I had with this place was that I ordered my roll with soy paper. The owner called me speaking and asked me to give the driver an extra $1 for the cost of the soy paper used in my order. I explained to her that I didnt have cash and if the extra $1 was necessary, to charge it to my card as I had already placed my order. She continued on about the extra buck as if it were $100 and finally said they would not deliver my order unless I gave the driver an extra $1. It was sooooooo weird! Her English was super broken and it was hard to communicate. Finally Maria got on the phone and smoothed it all over. Food was delicious, but I dont think I will order from this place again due to the crazy issue over soy paper. I dont want to have to deal with that again.


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Food is great! The handroll was a tad soggy but still tasty. I would have preferred the vegetarian and meet rolls to be separated. But the driver was amazing and the food was fantastic! Will be ordering again soon!


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So, so delicious! I have loved everything I've gotten here--from sushi to noodle dishes, the ingredients are quality, the food is tasty, the delivery is fast. This place is my go-to for a reason! <3


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INCREDIBLE FOOD and GREAT DELIVERY. Food was at my door before Grubhub texted me that the order had been processed! Can't believe I ordered sushi delivery; can't believe it was great.


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Good food for a good price. My boyfriend and I frequent Ginza to satisfy his love of sushi. I enjoy their lunch bento boxes because it is a decent amount of food for a good price.

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Food is always amazing. Delivery is always fast. No extra fees.


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Expedient and delicious

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